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September 16, 2013, 12:00 AM
September 16, 2013, 12:00 AM

Minehiro Kinomoto in Movie Taisen 2013 Minehiro Kinomoto, the actor who previously portrayed Ryu Terui also known as Kamen Rider Accel will be appearing in the upcoming Kamen Rider Movie Taisen! Although, it's not confirmed whether he will be repr...

Today, September 15, marks the 10th anniversary of NEWS. As part of the celebration, they held NEWS 10th Anniversary Event & Live in Tokyo Dome, which gathered 65,000 people. Today, a streaming video of NEWS' performance of Ai Kotoba at Tokyo Dome...

Manga creator Eiichiro Oda himself designed pirate Red, raccoon Pat, Yadoya Namco Bandai Games began streaming the teaser promotional video and second commercial for the One Piece Unlimited World R video game for the Nintendo 3DS on Sunday.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

If any anime fan to going to spot, or possibly invent, clues in promo, its going to be the Madoka Magica maniacs. In a new poster, they spied what they think is the text "ゴメンナサイ" or "I'm sorry" on Kyoko's sleeve.

otakuSOUNDCHECK otakusiesta

5pb, Mages, and Grasshopper Manufacture director Goichi Suda are working together to make Liberation Maiden Sin. This game expands on the story of Liberation Maiden sin game. Like this: Like Loading. .

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

FUNimation Sets Potential 'Ikki-Tousen – Great Guardians' Anime Series DVD Release Posted by Chris Beveridge September 13, 2013 at 02:03 PM Ikki Tousen Great Guardians One of several shows that FUNimation picked up during Anime Expon 2012, we fina...

Vocaloidism hightrancesea

Sunday • September 15, 2013 • by hightrancesea To promote their upcoming iVIS mini video camera, Canon uploaded a series of videos onto YouTube of various professional musicians performing KurousaP's hit song Senbonzakura.

JEFusion GekiDan

After an awesome episode today, here's the preview of Kamen Rider Wizard's 52nd episode: "The Kamen Rider Rings". This is the start of the. . .

otakuSOUNDCHECK otakusiesta

Evolution Studios released the debut night driving footage of Drivelub for the PS4 today. The video takes an Audi R8 V10 Plus through the game's nighttime Salar de Surire track.   Check it out! Like this: Like Loading.

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Following up on the introduction of alchemist Arthur, Atlus is ready to show off another Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl character, Raquna Sheldon. You might remember her from the Japanese promos, but now you can enjoy her profile in lo...

Aniplex began streaming a three-minute promotional video for Hiroyuki Imaishi and Trigger's battle action anime Kill la Kill on the show's official website on Saturday. The video introduces the show's main cast and previews the opening theme song ...

Ani-Culture Xenoedge

The official website for the Monogatari Series Second Season anime has streamed the short version of the first promotional video for the anime Otorimonogatari. This video also features Marina Kawano's new ending theme song "Sono Koe o Oboeteru" (R...

The GLORIO Blog dragonzigg

Recap: The Deboss Legion target Torin, and in doing so reveal a horrifying secret from his past. Zigg's Thoughts: I'm somewhat surprised how much plot Kyoryuger has been piling on in recent weeks. Fresh off of one two-parter (which admittedly was ...

SeventhStyle Seven

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya's inevitable second season "2wei! " has now been officially confirmed with the first season's final episode TV airing – the clues leading up should have made it obvious enough.

JEFusion Magnum

After the release of Shiono Akihisa's and Ryusei Ryo's photobooks, it has been announced that Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger's Ian Yorkland / KyoryuBlack,. . .

Siliconera Ishaan

On Monday, September 16th, The Pokémon Company will be making some sort of a surprise "special announcement". Read Pokemon "Special Announcement" Coming On Monday on Siliconera!

Random Curiosity Guardian Enzo

「ムホウ×ナ×ホーム」(Mahou x na x Houmu) "A x Lawless x Home" Meanwhile, in Meteor City… Come on, surely you're going to trust Togashi-sensei unreservedly by now. With most authors, leaving the main story at one of its most suspenseful junctions ever right...

Aniplex USA Licenses Vividred Operation, OreshuraComplete DVD sets to arrive in December By Joseph Luster Be the first of your friends to like this. Posted 9/15/2013 Aniplex of America had a couple of acquisition announcements to make at Denver's ...

「微笑み ―ストヘス区急襲①―」 (Hohoemi ―Sutohesu Ku Kyushu (1)―) "Smile ―Raid on the Stohess District (1)―" Here we go. The last arc of Shingeki's first season starts now and we start things off with Eren and the rest being summoned to the capital.

Crunchyroll Guest Author

Hatsune Miku’s complex type event, “MAGICAL MIRAI 2013” was held at Yokohama Arena (Kanagawa-pref. ) on 30th August. Built on the concept of “Users-participatory culture fest” with “all of Hatsune Miku”, t...

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Another day, another Tales of Symphonia Chronicles character trailer, am I right? After giving Kratos an introduction last time, Namco Bandai's latest look at the RPG collection focuses on Presea Combatir.

Pokémon X & Y Starter Evolutions Revealed We have a look at the evolutions of the three new starters along with some new Mega-Evolutions, brand new Pokémon, and a look at the all new trainer customization options.

Free! – 10 Filed under First Impressions, Free! by Takaii | 1 Comment 「苛立ちのハートレイト! 」 (Iradachi No Haatoreito) "Irritated Heartrate" Man, what happened to Rin? Sarcastic but fun, less shark teeth and more smiling, Rin used to be the definition of t...

「STUDY」 Nothing like confronting an old foe to start things off. Therestina Kihara Lifeline is back, and ah, who am I kidding? It's pretty clear the highlight ain't more so Therestina as it is us getting to see ITEM again—especially when they're a...

"Zenryoku zenkai! " Impression Ahh, what a nice ending. I expected lots of feels, and they really delivered in that department. Oh, and there was proper closure too – nothing rushed or anything like that.

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