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August 9, 2013, 12:30 PM
August 9, 2013, 12:30 PM
Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

The latest issue of CoroCoro magazine revealed new information about Pokémon X & Pokémon Y. This time around, it has something to do with a new evolution called Mega Evolution. Seen below is a scan of some of the Mega Evolution that will appear in...

Siliconera Sato

Monster Hunter 4's cover monster is Goa Magara, but we haven't seen much of him, aside from knowing him as a terrifying, dark dragon-like creature. Capcom gives us a closer look at the upcoming dark terror in their latest update.

Kotaku East Evan Narcisse

At first, I was just delighted to see that Nintendo's iconic second fiddle was getting a live-action commercial in his native Japan. But, after finding out exactly who's wearing Luigi's overalls, this clip featuring Mario's brother feels even more...

SeventhStyle Seven

As not-too-long awaited, albeit highly desired and expected, a GJ-bu second season has been officially announced, surprisingly right before Comiket instead of during the event – meaning a PV may come soon.

RocketNews24 Michelle Lynn Dinh

After two weeks of voting, Funasshi, the official yuru-kyara (mascot) representing Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture, has come out as the number one local mascot in all of Japan. Known for his amazing jumping power and jiggly, almost convulsive m...

Kahotan's Blog gscmikatan

Hello everyone! Super High School Level unfit Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)! I can run 50 metres in around 11 seconds! ! (`・ω・´)フフン But that aside, let's get onto today's blog! Nendoroid Makoto Naegi! ! jrharbort

In a surprising news reveal, Nicovideo and Live Viewing Japan have announced a team effort to broadcast the Magical Mirai concert event online, and world-wide at select theaters. The live stream for the concert is set to start at 7:00PM JST on Aug...

The popularity of Attack on Titan has spawned another new manga that will tell another story about the series. This was revealed by a pamphlet that was inserted inside on the 11th manga volume of the series.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

acctil Sets 'Little Witch Academia' Preorder Information Posted by Chris Beveridge August 8, 2013 at 10:16 AM Little Witch Academia The folks at acttil have sent out the information on behalf of Animation Studio TRIGGER in regards to Little Witch ...

moetron pKjd

"OreImo 2″ – Three Episode Finale Trailer Posted by pKjd on Aug 8, 2013 @ 7:46 am 8 Aug The official website for A-1 Pictures' 「Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 」 anime series has began streaming a trailer for the upcoming 3-episode fi...

The host has been determined for NHK's 64th Kouhaku Uta Gassen. Ayase Haruka (28) for the red team and Arashi's consecutive fourth time for the white team. Ayase was appointed for this major role due to the success of her starring taiga drama.


Nendoroid Drossel (Charming) GoodSmile Company has announced preorder for this kawaii little fellow – the Nendoroid figure of shiny white JUNO-XIII type Hyperion, Drossel, from Fireball Charming. She comes with a couple of optional parts including...


Tsunku♂ is the lead singer of Sharam Q, a rock band celebrating the 25th anniversary this year, and charisma figure producer of Hello! Project with all girl group stars like Morning Musume。, Berryz Kobo, and ℃-ute.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

A week after the countdown site launched, we now know that "new heroine" project from Junichi Sato, director on Sailor Moon, Aria and Magical Doremi, and creator of Kaleido Star and Princess Tutu, is Amazing Twins.

The First Maid Cafe in NY hosts a Grand Opening on Sunday, August 18th. August 7th 2013, New York, NY - Horizon Enterprise Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that Maid Cafe NY will hold a Grand Opening on August 18th, 2013 from 11am - 3:30pm at 15...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Free Episode 5The boys need to get training and Gou has the perfect idea. Beware, boys, beware! What They Say: Nanase Haruka loved to be in the water – loved swimming. In elementary school, Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto, Matsuoka Rin, and Hazuki...

Siliconera Ishaan

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will have not one, but two Triforces, Nintendo have shared.   This is depicted in the game's logo, which shows a second shadowy Triforce, which is located in a different world from the one Link inhabits.

Siliconera Ishaan

Nintendo have released a full batch of Luigi screenshots following his reveal as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. While there are a few happy moments in here, quite a few of these screenshots show Luigi undergo...

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Last night we shared the latest trailer for 3DS action game One Piece Unlimited World: Red, which launches in Japan this November. Japanese fans get a couple of slick options when it hits shelves, with Nintendo's announcement of two special One Pi...


Monster Hunter 4 Fifth Promo Trailer Capcom has released a new promotional trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter 4, which is about to be released in a month's time on 14 Sep 2013. The new trailer showcases more cool weapons and more gameplay aga...

SGCafe spartanchef

When Perfume announced that they will be releasing a new album this fall, fans all over the world went absolutely ballistic. The upcoming album, entitled  「LEVEL 3」 will be the group's fifth one and it will be released on October 2.

SeventhStyle Seven

Taking a new approach to terrible, upcoming anime series "Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! " consists of busty girls grappling each other under pretense of wrestling for sake of suggestive vulgarity. This isn't Queen's Blade, but expect the same ...

SeventhStyle Seven

noitaminA has prepared all manner of typical preview material for its two upcoming fall series of 2013, Galileo Donna, and Samurai Flamenco – the former looking much more serious, and the latter, hardly so.

Yeah, we've all been there Last week, Ai, Julie, and Scar meet up with Kiriko and proceeded to enter the city of the dead to repair their van. Summary: Now that Ai, Julie, Scar, and Kiriko are all safe in the city of the deceased, Ai is starting t...

segadethx (Wed Aug 7, 2013, 8:29 pm) +1 points reply I also like like my sandwiches with lots of meat and sauces. if ya knw what I mean.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1. 5 ReMIX Trailer – Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Square Enix have just this moment released a brand new trailer for their upcoming HD Collection release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1. 5 ReMIX.

SGCafe spartanchef

The Pokemon series have always been inspired by ancient civilizations. Unowns, Regirock, Regice, Registeel are some examples of Pokemon designed with an ancient motif. But Tumblr user Monarobot has taken the ancient motif one step further, with hi...

Japanator Hiroko Yamamura

timeline following:⇓ Attack on TitanWelcome to the latest installment of Annotated Anime, Japanator's heroic weekly Japanese cartoon recap! We've concentrated our power into a steel-hard fist of justice, delivering sweet synopses straight to your ...

Nostalgia Critic releases his punches at the English adaptation of Sailor Moon that aired in the United States from 1995 to 2000. It seems the biggest wonder for Nostaligia Critic is why Sailor Moon, even in its most awkward English adaptation, gr...

The GLORIO Blog Gee-Man

Recap: The Recon Corps run into the Female Titan. Armin, Jean, and Reiner must do everything they can to delay it long enough for the rest of the expedition to retreat. Gee's Thoughts: Not bad at all Titan, two good episodes in a row, despite the ...

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