February 27, 2017

5:30 PM Sankaku Complex Rift

Story of Seasons Nabs Nintendo DLC

5:29 PM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

'Clockwork Planet' Anime Premiere Scheduled

5:29 PM Anime Herald Mike Ferreira

Hajimete no Gal Anime Gets First Staff Details, New Visual, & Character Designs

4:30 PM International Business Times Edana Patricio

'Rurouni Kenshin' manga game now open for pre-registrations

4:00 PM Christian News, The Christian Post Janna Dela Cruz

'Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' News: Anime Gets April Premiere Date; Plot and Character Details Revealed

3:00 PM Random Curiosity Stilts

Seiren - 08

2:30 PM GoBoiano Media Baam Amaam

Nekopara Officially Raises $1 Million to Create Bonus Anime

2:29 PM GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

New Hell Girl Anime Announcement Leaked by Retailers

Berserk Anime's New Visual, April 7 Premiere Revealed

1:30 PM ZDNet Valerie Garcia | February 25, 2017

Anime Jigsaw Puzzles Free

12:30 PM Otaku USA

Love Live! Sunshine!! Anime Returns This Fall

12:29 PM PBS

Anime didn't make it into the Oscar nominations this year. Here's why that doesn't matter.

12:00 PM Indiewire Michael Nordine

'Blame!': Netflix's Adaptation of Japanese Manga Cyberpunk Masterpiece Gets a New Trailer and Release Date - Watch

11:59 AM Latin Post Latin Post

'Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' New Story Arc Revealed; Naruto to Fight Against Garaa's Son; Mitsuki's Mysterious Life to Unfold

11:00 AM Siliconera Casey

Nintendo Minute Explores 5 Things You Might Not Know About The Switch

10:00 AM Honey's Anime HoneyFeed

6 Anime Like Little Witch Academia [Recommendations]

9:00 AM Viewster Blog

Positively Inspiring Anime

8:30 AM oprainfall Walter Pierce

April Premiere for Clockwork Planet Anime

6:30 AM Otaku Tale Frontalspy

Blame! Anime Film Releases on Netflix May 20 - New Visual & Trailer

6:29 AM Otaku Tale Frontalspy

Nekopara OVA Reaches over $1 Million in Crowdfunding

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Game's New Trailer Previews Super Mario Bros. Outfits

6:00 AM Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

Hideaki Anno Hosts Tokusatsu History Panel in Shinjuku in March

5:30 AM Crunchyroll Scott Green

"Eromanga Sensei" TV Anime Adds Cast

Best Anime Side Characters

5:00 AM Random Curiosity Takaii

Demi-chan wa Kataritai - 08

3:30 AM SciFi Japan K A

GHOST IN THE SHELL Franchise Overview

My Hero Academia 2nd Season's 3rd Promo Video Previews Kenshi Yonezu's Opening Theme

2:30 AM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Aura Battler Dunbine Episode #01 - 05 Anime Review

2:29 AM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Crunchyroll Adds 'Gasaraki' Anime Streaming

2:00 AM Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

"Clockwork Planet" Winds Up With Official TV Broadcast Schedule

1:30 AM GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 Will Premier in Fall 2017

1:00 AM SGCafe spartanchef

It's official: Hayao Miyazaki is coming out of retirement according to Toshio Suzuki

12:59 AM Crunchyroll Scott Green

"Love Live! Sunshine!!" Anime Season 2 Scheduled For Fall

12:30 AM Honey's Anime HoneyFeed

Top 10 Free-to-Play Anime Games [Best Recommendations]

February 26, 2017

11:00 PM Altoona Mirror

Manga, Mario and now ninja: Japan's hopes for wooing tourism

8:30 PM Sankaku Complex Rift

Brave Witches BD Nipples "Don't Disappoint!"

8:00 PM Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

Key Visual for "Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya" Film Revealed for Release in 2017

7:59 PM Japanator Red Veron

New ReLife music trailer gives us that youthful feeling again

6:00 PM Siliconera Sato

Some NieR: Automata Players Upset After Discovering Trash Item Called "NIN64"

5:30 PM Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

Soon, You Can Spread Coffee On Your Toast In Japan

5:00 PM IGN

Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki Is Indeed Coming Out of Retirement, Working on New Film

4:30 PM Otaku USA

Hayao Miyazaki Working on a New Anime Film

Why Don't Characters Have Cameo Appearances In Other Anime Anymore?

4:29 PM 3D VR Central

Doraemon VR Attraction Opens In Japan

4:00 PM Anime Herald Mike Ferreira

Tsugumomo Anime Gets Extended PV & Key Visual

3:00 PM Forbes Ollie Barder

The Anime Movie Adaptation Of 'Blame!' Is Finally Getting Released This May

2:59 PM iTech Post iTech Post

'Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' Anime Debuts In April 2017; New Visual, More Details Announced

a supernatural anime with secret identity

2:59 PM Sioux City Journal YURI KAGEYAMA Associated Press | Posted: Saturday, February 25, 2017 5:00 pm

Manga, Mario and now ninja: Japan's hopes for wooing tourism

12:00 PM Crunchyroll Scott Green

"Fairy Tail" Prepares To Push Towards Climax

10:00 AM Random Curiosity Takaii

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-Hen - 08

Ribon Brings Shoujo Manga Magic Sky-high [Photo Report @ TOKYO SKYTREE®]

9:00 AM Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

Fur Will Fly in "Killing Bites" Anime

7:30 AM Anime Herald Mike Ferreira

Japanese Retailers Unveil "Hell Girl" Season 4

6:00 AM Siliconera Sato

Musou Stars' Costume Trailer Shows Wang Yuanji As Kasumi And Other Crossover Outfits

5:30 AM GoBoiano Media Lana Kim

Which Konosuba Main Character Are You?

5:29 AM Hau~ Omochikaeri~! Micchi

Good Job Horny Pastry Puffers!

5:29 AM The Inquisitr News Patrick Frye

Is Fairy Tail Manga Ending? 'Dragon Cry' Site Claims Shonen Series In Final Arc

Kenka Banchō Otome: Girl Beats Boys Anime Casts Hibiku Yamamura as Main Heroine

4:29 AM Random Curiosity Pancakes

Masamune-kun no Revenge - 08

3:30 AM Siliconera Sato

Gravity Rush 2 Is Getting Its Free DLC With A Story Featuring Raven On March 21

1:30 AM Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

Japanese Retailers Spill the Beans on "Hell Girl" Season 4

1:29 AM Sankaku Complex Rift

Official Magikarp Song "Now You Can Dance to It!"

February 25, 2017

11:30 PM Ani-Nouto Author

Kemono Friends 01

10:30 PM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Crunchyroll Begins Streaming 'Umi Monogatari' Anime

10:00 PM Crunchyroll Kara Dennison

Here She Is! "Hajimete no Gal" Face Reveal and Production Info

9:59 PM SGCafe spartanchef

A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) and Yuri!! on Ice win Anime of the Year

9:30 PM JEFusion Gaiatron

Cho Super Hero Taisen - New Heroes Revealed!

8:30 PM Siliconera Sato

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix's Digital Pre-Order PS4 Bonus Theme Is Simple And Clean

8:29 PM Sankaku Complex Rift

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 "More Senran Kagura DLC!"

7:30 PM Otaku Tale Frontalspy

New Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Visual & Promotional Video Revealed

7:00 PM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Masaaki Yuasa 'Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome' Anime Feature Gets Extended Promo

6:59 PM The Outerhaven Josh Piedra

VIZ Media Announces Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2

6:00 PM Japanator Red Veron

Find Vengeance and Death in Blade of the Immortal live action trailers

5:59 PM oprainfall Tom Tolios

REVIEW: Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

5:59 PM tokyohive

Check out the PV for Oomori Seiko's new song 'Dogma・Magma'

5:59 PM Random Curiosity Pancakes

Kuzu no Honkai - 07

5:30 PM Otaku USA

Brave Witches Anime's Unaired Episode 13 Teased

5:29 PM Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

Hibiku Yamamura Takes the Lead in "Kenka Banchou Otome - Girl Beats Boys" TV Anime

5:29 PM Otaku Tale Frontalspy

Hajimete no Gal Anime Airs Summer 2017

4:30 PM Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

Check Gen Hoshino's Voice as Senpai in "Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome" Trailer

3:30 PM GoBoiano Media Alex

How to Hold Hands

3:00 PM Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

TV Anime "Tsugumomo" Reveals New Key Visual, Long PV, April 2 Premiere

2:30 PM Sankaku Complex Rift

Top 10 Dapper Dudes of Anime

2:29 PM WOWJAPAN freakpool

Live Spectacle Naruto: The Akatsuki Investigation play reveals more characters

1:30 PM The Bent Musket Stephanie Yang

Morgan Andrews and Midge Purce named to U23 WNT for La Manga

1:29 PM WOWJAPAN alafista

Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film Reveals Official Premier Date and CG Alphonse

1:00 PM NerdSpan Keith Hendricks

One-Punch Man Blu-Ray/DVD Preorders Open for April 25th Release

12:30 PM Siliconera Jenni

Story Of Seasons: Trio Of Towns Trailer Shows Off Its Super Mario Costumes

12:29 PM GamingBolt.com Alex Jackson

Berserk And The Band of The Hawk Review - Fallen Warriors

12:00 PM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Crunchyroll, Funimation & The Anime Network Streaming Calendar For February 23rd, 2017

11:59 AM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

TV Tokyo Promotes 16th 'Pokemon: Sun & Moon' Anime Episode

9:30 AM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

'Blade of the Immortal' Live-Action Promo Introduces Manji

9:00 AM Siliconera Sato

Spike Chunsoft's Latest Teaser Has Something To Do With Pro Wrestling

Attack on Titan Characters Take the Runway in Fashion Collaboration

7:30 AM Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

Nintendo Is Suing Go-Karting Company Over Copyright Infringement

7:00 AM UPI

Why Karlie Kloss, Scarlett Johansson playing Japanese is a problem

6:30 AM Sounder At Heart Susie Rantz

Laura Harvey will lead U.S. U-23 team in March

Wonder Festival 2017 Winter: Industry Edition [Event Report]

Andrews, Purce named to U-23 Women's National team for La Manga tournament

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