October 22, 2016

2:44 AM tokyohive ustar

'FREE YOUR MIND' with flumpool's new PV

2:42 AM tokyohive ustar

Sakanaction, Hey! Say! JUMP and more to take the stage on MUSIC STATION's October 28 broadcast

1:51 AM tokyohive ustar

Rola is featured in the latest trailer for 'Resident Evil'

1:49 AM tokyohive ustar

Amuro Namie cancels Tottori concert due to earthquake

October 21, 2016

11:51 PM tokyohive ustar

Ieiri Leo to cheer on high school soccer with her song

11:50 PM tokyohive ustar

Naka Riisa & Nakao Akiyoshi reveal adorable photos together

11:48 PM tokyohive ustar

Four NMB48 members make the senbatsu for the first time

3:03 AM tokyohive ustar

The PASSPO☆ crew become family in newest music video

3:02 AM tokyohive ustar

Johnny's Entertainment launches Twitter account to promote Johnny's WEST's activities

2:32 AM tokyohive ustar

175R to resume their activities after 6 years

2:30 AM tokyohive ustar

Ishihara Satomi & Yamashita Tomohisa rumored to be dating

12:32 AM tokyohive ustar

Nogizaka46 reveal jacket covers for Hashimoto Nanami's last single

12:31 AM tokyohive ustar Top News Headline

Check out the PV for Maison book girl's major debut song 'cloudy irony'

October 20, 2016

11:49 PM tokyohive HPriest

Drama Prime Time Report - 10/14~10/17 2016

11:47 PM tokyohive ustar

Amuro Namie reveals short PV for 'Dear Diary'

10:41 PM tokyohive ustar

Hashimoto Nanami to graduate from Nogizaka46, retire from showbiz

10:40 PM tokyohive ustar

Jonishi Kei announces her graduation from NMB48

10:39 PM tokyohive ustar

Fudanjuku opens audition for new members

October 19, 2016

11:25 PM tokyohive ustar

Oricon Weekly Charts for 10/10 ~ 10/16

11:24 PM tokyohive ustar

Takahashi Minami to hold countdown live in Hachioji

3:59 AM tokyohive ustar

Inspired by JINTAKA? Sato Takeru & Takahashi Yu to form a unit

2:31 AM tokyohive ustar

Flower to release double A-side single in January

1:46 AM tokyohive ustar

Actress Mizuno Miki and actor Karahashi Mitsuru got married back in June

1:03 AM tokyohive ustar

SID to be in charge of theme song for new 'Kuroshitsuji' movie

1:01 AM tokyohive ustar

Hey! Say! JUMP reveals release date for new single 'Give Me Love'

12:37 AM tokyohive HPriest Top News Headline

Japan Box Office Report - 10/15~10/16

12:36 AM tokyohive ustar

Momoiro Clover Z to release winter best-of album

October 18, 2016

3:32 AM tokyohive ustar Top News Headline

Itano Tomomi shows off sexy dance moves in 'OMG' PV

12:24 AM tokyohive ustar

Hashimoto Nanami chosen as center for Nogizaka46's upcoming single

October 17, 2016

11:23 PM tokyohive ustar

L'Arc~en~Ciel, JUJU & MAN WITH A MISSION participate in SONY's new campaign

4:45 AM tokyohive HPriest

Recochoku's weekly download charts for 10/5~10/11

October 16, 2016

1:18 AM tokyohive HPriest

Drama Prime Time Report - 10/11~10/13 2016

October 15, 2016

6:43 PM tokyohive ustar

DIR EN GREY to continue their 'UROBOROS' tour next year

6:42 PM tokyohive ustar

Aoi Eir to go on indefinite hiatus after Budokan live in November

6:40 PM tokyohive ustar

Becky to make appearance in VAMPS' Halloween event

1:24 AM tokyohive ustar

Arashi, Kimura Kaela, Sexy Zone and more to perform on next week's 'MUSIC STATION'

12:32 AM tokyohive ustar

AKB48's Ogasawara Mayu announces graduation

October 14, 2016

7:04 PM tokyohive ustar

Matsuda Shota appears in illion's PV for 'Hilight feat. 5lack'

7:03 PM tokyohive ustar Top News Headline

Aragaki Yui & Hoshino Gen reveal video for their 'Love Dance'

7:02 PM tokyohive ustar

THE BAWDIES to set out on nationwide tour early next year

7:01 PM tokyohive ustar

Superfly's new single to include all 'Doctor X' theme songs

1:13 AM tokyohive ustar

PPAD Pikotaro to make his first appearance on 'MUSIC STATION'

12:46 AM tokyohive ustar

SuG releases PV for 'KILL KILL' directed by Masuda Sebastian

October 13, 2016

7:10 PM tokyohive ustar

B'z Matsumoto Tak & Inaba Koshi both start new solo projects

3:26 AM tokyohive HPriest

Drama Prime Time Report - 10/7~10/10

2:59 AM tokyohive ustar

illion reveals trailer for 'Miracle' PV

1:43 AM tokyohive HPriest Top News Headline

Japan Box Office Report - 10/8~10/9

1:28 AM tokyohive ustar

Hey! Say! JUMP to hold Tokyo Dome live concerts during New Year's holiday

October 12, 2016

6:25 PM tokyohive

Oricon Weekly Charts for 10/3 ~ 10/9

October 11, 2016

7:43 PM tokyohive ustar

Shimizu Shota to make an appearance on Taiwan's music awards

7:42 PM tokyohive ustar

Kato Miliyah to release new single 'Saikou na Shiawase'

7:41 PM tokyohive ustar

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES' Kawashima Michiyuki passes away from brain tumor

7:40 PM tokyohive ustar Top News Headline

Tanabe Miku crowned AKB48's janken queen

7:38 PM tokyohive ustar

ONE OK ROCK to embark on nationwide arena tour next February

7:37 PM tokyohive ustar

Kawaei Rina likes to eat bugs?

7:36 PM tokyohive ustar

Full PV for Nakata Yasutaka × Yonezu Kenshi's 'NANIMONO' revealed

12:46 AM tokyohive ustar

Oomori Seiko and Noko switch lifestyles in PV for 'Hikokuminteki Hero'

October 10, 2016

11:19 PM tokyohive HPriest

Recochoku's weekly download charts for 9/28~10/4

10:07 PM tokyohive HPriest

Drama Prime Time Report - 9/30~10/6

10:06 PM tokyohive ustar

AKB48's 'Majisuka Gakuen' to return with a new series titled 'Kyabasuka Gakuen'

October 9, 2016

12:11 AM tokyohive

Kikuchi Rinko and Sometani Shota announce the birth of their child

October 7, 2016

7:35 PM tokyohive ustar

Details on Arashi's new album 'Are You Happy?' revealed

7:34 PM tokyohive ustar

'PPAP' singer Piko Taro makes world debut

October 6, 2016

6:52 PM tokyohive ustar Top News Headline

Akanishi Jin and Yamada Takayuki announce the disbandment of JINTAKA

6:49 PM tokyohive ustar

Iwasa Misaki to release a solo album in November

6:48 PM tokyohive ustar

GLAY's HISASHI does a guitar cover of EXILE TRIBE's 'HIGHER GROUND'

October 5, 2016

7:59 PM tokyohive ustar

TOKIO's new single is written and composed by Nagase Tomoya

7:58 PM tokyohive ustar

HKT48's Moriyasu Madoka is looking for vocalists for her 1st piano solo album

7:57 PM tokyohive

Acid Black Cherry postpones cover album release due to vocal cord hemorrhage

7:54 PM tokyohive ustar

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION to re-release second album 'Sol-fa'

7:53 PM tokyohive

Oricon Weekly Charts for 9/26 ~ 10/2

3:04 AM tokyohive HPriest

Japan Box Office Report - 10/1~10/2

October 4, 2016

6:55 PM tokyohive ustar

Gesu no Kiwami Otome. and indigo la End to halt their activities

6:54 PM tokyohive

[Alexandros] reveal pop and colorful PV for 'Feel like'

12:17 AM tokyohive HPriest

Recochoku's weekly download charts for 9/21~9/27

October 3, 2016

10:28 PM tokyohive ustar Top News Headline

Shimazaki Haruka to graduate from AKB48 at the end of the year

10:26 AM tokyohive ustar

Nakata Yasutaka × Yonezu Kenshi drop MV trailer for 'NANIMONO'

10:26 AM tokyohive ustar

Nishino Kana's new single is a wedding song for her friend

10:26 AM tokyohive ustar

Mogami Moga's second photo book is photographed by Leslie Kee

10:26 AM tokyohive HPriest

Drama Prime Time Report - 9/23~9/29

October 2, 2016

1:50 AM tokyohive ustar

Sandaime J Soul Brothers announce new single & dome tour

October 1, 2016

11:56 PM tokyohive ustar

Check out SEKAI NO OWARI's whimsical PV for 'Hey Ho'

September 30, 2016

7:00 PM tokyohive ustar

Dragon Ash to release first single in three years

6:59 PM tokyohive

Sexy Zone to release first best-of album

6:58 PM tokyohive ustar

Superfly to provide 'Doctor X' theme song for the 4th consecutive time

6:57 PM tokyohive ustar

Details on Kimura Kaela's new album 'PUNKY' unveiled

6:56 PM tokyohive

Dream Ami covers The Cardigans' hit song 'Lovefool' for 3rd single

6:54 PM tokyohive ustar

KinKi Kids announce schedule for year-end dome concert

6:53 PM tokyohive ustar

Chatmonchy to release new double A-side single

6:52 PM tokyohive ustar

Keyakizaka46's 3rd single to be released in November

September 28, 2016

7:20 PM tokyohive ustar

Oricon Weekly Charts for 9/19 ~ 9/25

7:18 PM tokyohive ustar

Johnny's WEST to hold their first dome live this Christmas

2:51 AM tokyohive ustar

Utada Hikaru reveals 360 degree making footage for 'Hanataba wo Kimi ni'

September 27, 2016

11:10 PM tokyohive HPriest Top News Headline

Japan Box Office Report - 9/24~9/25

6:53 PM tokyohive

HKT48's new song 'Hug tte Iijan' picked up for anime theme

6:52 PM tokyohive ustar

GLAY's TAKURO starts his solo activities

6:51 PM tokyohive ustar

Matsuoka Chiho to graduate from NMB48

6:49 PM tokyohive

Former Momoiro Clover's Ikura Manami to hold her 1st one-man live

6:48 PM tokyohive

E-girls say 'Let's Go!' with new single

3:30 AM tokyohive ustar

Mizuki Nana to release new album in December

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