February 6, 2017

6:46 AM Tokyo Excess Tostzilla

Nissin Morizumi Limited Edition Cup Noodle

February 5, 2017

7:02 AM Tokyo Excess Tostzilla

Cup Noodle Fun With Pokemon and One Piece

November 21, 2016

10:41 AM Tokyo Excess Tostzilla Top News Headline

Pokemon Go On The Side In Tokyo And Kyoto

May 25, 2015

1:54 AM Tokyo Excess Tostzilla Top News Headline

Giant Godzilla Head at Toho Cinemas in Shinjuku

May 12, 2013

8:34 AM Tokyo Excess Tostzilla Top News Headline

A Lifetime of Anime to Watch on Crunchyroll

March 1, 2013

1:26 PM Tokyo Excess noreply@blogger.com (Tostzilla) Top News Headline

Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 1 - Giant Gundam in Odaiba, Sumida River Cruise, and Tokyo Skytree

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