October 18, 2016

11:48 AM The Verge ford Top News Headline

Amazon Japan introduces 'Manga Model' Kindle Paperwhite with eight times more storage

August 21, 2016

7:08 PM The Verge Andrew Webster Top News Headline

You should really be watching the weird and wonderful Final Fantasy XV anime

July 4, 2016

1:08 PM The Verge James Vincent Top News Headline

Ghost in the Shell producer responds to casting backlash

May 31, 2016

4:40 PM The Verge Lizzie Plaugic Top News Headline

Amazon Japan announces its first original series, including Kamen Rider and Ultraman

April 21, 2016

1:46 AM The Verge Rich McCormick Top News Headline

Watch Nintendo's Star Fox anime now on YouTube

March 7, 2016

1:18 AM The Verge Nick Statt Top News Headline

Hayao Miyazaki art show features stunning illustrations of Studio Ghibli classics

February 27, 2016

9:34 PM The Verge Andrew Webster Top News Headline

Watch 24 straight hours of the Pokemon anime on Twitch

November 3, 2015

11:31 PM The Verge nickstatt Top News Headline

Netflix may start producing Bollywood and anime programming

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