October 11, 2016

12:17 PM Reuters.com Reuters Editorial Top News Headline

BRIEF-JAKKS Pacific launches studio JP content development division in joint venture with China-based Meisheng's rising anime studio

September 27, 2016

7:01 PM Reuters.com Reuters Editorial Top News Headline

Japan's Hosoda hopes to surpass anime legend

July 26, 2016

8:07 AM Reuters.com Issei Kato Top News Headline

Attacker in Japan stabs, kills 19 in their sleep at disabled centre

July 25, 2016

5:24 AM Reuters.com Sarah Marsh Top News Headline

Japanese fantasy world fever grips young Cubans

July 9, 2016

1:27 AM Reuters.com Top News Headline

LGBT Japan edges out of the political closet

April 20, 2016

1:44 PM Reuters.com Top News Headline

Can anime help Japan's automakers?

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