December 8, 2016

2:19 AM Patheos John Mark N. Reynolds

Remember After Pearl Harbor

December 7, 2016

3:55 PM Patheos Gene Veith

From "the most humiliating year in our history" to victory

December 6, 2016

12:10 AM Patheos Kermit Zarley

Matsuyama Wins and Tiger Is Back

November 27, 2016

6:40 AM Patheos Philip Jenkins

The Passion of Martin Scorsese

November 23, 2016

7:11 PM Patheos Hemant Mehta

The Trailer for This Anti-Abortion Rom-Com Shows That Christian Films Can Indeed Get Worse

June 11, 2015

6:30 PM Patheos Gene Veith Top News Headline

Germany is demographically doomed

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