February 21, 2017

9:50 PM NextShark Ryan General

'Your Name' is Bringing Back an Awesome Japanese Fashion Trend

February 13, 2017

9:37 PM NextShark Ryan General

A Live-Action 'Death Note' Movie is Coming to Netflix

February 3, 2017

12:18 AM NextShark Carl Samson Top News Headline

Japanese Part-Time Job Will Pay $440 A DAY to Nap in a Robot Suit

February 1, 2017

3:18 AM NextShark Ryan General

GTFO Tom Cruise - The First Non-Japanese Samurai Was Actually Black

January 29, 2017

8:31 PM NextShark Ryan General Top News Headline

Japan Chooses The Most Badass Ambassadors of All Time For the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

January 25, 2017

3:31 AM NextShark Khier Casino Top News Headline

Artist Dad in Tokyo Turns His Sons' Terrible Drawings Into Anime Works of Art

3:24 AM NextShark Ryan General Top News Headline

New 'Maid Gym' Lets You Workout With The Help of a Cute Japanese Girl

December 29, 2016

12:01 AM NextShark Top News Headline

Why This Cosplayer Has Become The Face of 'Japanese High School Girls'

December 19, 2016

9:07 PM NextShark Top News Headline

Artist Brilliantly Reimagines Star Wars Characters in Anime Form

November 29, 2016

2:12 AM NextShark Editorial Staff Top News Headline

The Latest Asian Beauty Challenge is Also the Most NSFW

October 26, 2016

9:25 PM NextShark Ryan General Top News Headline

Tokyo's Comic-Con Bans Men From Dressinng As Female Characters

September 16, 2016

10:12 PM NextShark Max Chang Top News Headline

Japanese Cosplayer Claims She Made $100,000 in Two Days at Anime Convention

August 18, 2016

8:10 PM NextShark Editorial Staff Top News Headline

Are Japanese Women Putting This Product Up Their Nose to Look More White?

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