March 24, 2017

10:17 PM

Warner Bros. Considers Diving Into Anime

March 22, 2017

8:42 PM

Streets Of Osaka Close Thanks To Massive Cosplay Gathering

March 19, 2017

8:59 PM

Scarlett Johansson Asked Therapist About Role

March 10, 2017

1:47 AM

Samuel L. Jackson Loves Anime

March 9, 2017

6:45 AM

Take A Look At 'Ghost In The Shell'

March 8, 2017

12:29 AM

New Yu-Gi-Oh! Series Reveals Main Character Details

March 3, 2017

6:23 PM

Earn $10,000 a Month to Vacation in Luxury Homes

March 2, 2017

9:23 PM

Ed Sheeran: I Hit Bieber in the Face with a Golf Club

January 6, 2017

1:48 AM Top News Headline

Everyone's Favorite Anime Director, Hayao Miyazaki Turns 76

December 24, 2016

4:42 PM Top News Headline

Top 10 Anime that Sci-fi Fans Need to See

December 23, 2016

11:09 PM Top News Headline

Toonami Will Releases An English Dub Version Of Dragon Ball Super

December 12, 2016

9:11 PM Top News Headline

Top 10 Anime that Everyone Needs to Watch

December 5, 2016

1:24 PM Yuji Nakamura and Takashi Amano Top News Headline

Psst.. Sony Has a Hit That's as Big as Pokemon Go in Japan

September 26, 2016

11:04 AM Top News Headline

Chris Brown Prohibited to Perform in Japan Due to Gun Investigation

August 22, 2016

5:29 PM Top News Headline

Japan's Prime Minister Enters Dressed As Mario To Promote Tokyo 2020 Games

July 10, 2016

4:31 PM YURI KAGEYAMA, AP Business Writer Top News Headline

Japan ruling coalition appears headed to clear election win

May 19, 2016

6:51 PM Top News Headline

Japanese Are Saying Goodbye to Sayonara

April 20, 2016

6:53 PM Top News Headline

Can anime help Japan's automakers?

12:22 PM Top News Headline

Can anime help Japan's automakers?

February 19, 2016

7:36 PM Top News Headline

Combining Two Fan-Favorite Brands, Loot Anime Partners With Crunchyroll

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