October 14, 2016

9:20 PM Hardcore Gamer Natalie Collazo on October 14, 2016 Top News Headline

Seven Minutes of 'Berserk and the Band of Hawks' Gameplay Revealed

October 12, 2016

10:26 PM Hardcore Gamer Derrick Bettis on October 12, 2016

World of Final Fantasy Wows with Anime Opening

October 8, 2016

10:51 PM Hardcore Gamer Jacob Whritenour on October 8, 2016

Pokémon Generations Answers Some Questions, Raises Even More

October 3, 2016

5:30 PM Hardcore Gamer Marcus Estrada on October 3, 2016

Serment - Contract with a Devil Secures Funding from Sekai Project

October 2, 2016

10:29 PM Hardcore Gamer Kirstin Swalley on October 2, 2016

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On Anime Begins Today

September 19, 2016

3:39 PM Hardcore Gamer Chris Shive on September 19, 2016 Top News Headline

Final Episode of Final Fantasy XV Anime Now Available

July 10, 2016

6:25 AM Hardcore Gamer Derrick Bettis on July 9, 2016 Top News Headline

New Tales of Berseria Trailer Wows with Anime and Fight Scenes

May 1, 2016

1:04 AM Hardcore Gamer Jeremy Peeples on April 30, 2016 Top News Headline

Steam Anime Weekend Sale Now Available

April 2, 2016

1:52 AM Hardcore Gamer Thomas Ella on April 1, 2016 Top News Headline

Check out Valkyria Chronicles Remastered's Smooth Graphics in New Story Trailer

February 23, 2016

10:51 PM Hardcore Gamer Derrick Bettis on February 23, 2016 Top News Headline

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Also Coming West with New Trailer

November 23, 2015

5:36 PM Hardcore Gamer Marcus Estrada on November 23, 2015 Top News Headline

Classic Visual Novel 'Clannad' Launches on Steam Today

October 11, 2015

11:15 PM Hardcore Gamer Adam Beck on October 11, 2015 Top News Headline

Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Debut Trailer Released

July 25, 2015

10:08 PM Hardcore Gamer Marcus Estrada on July 25, 2015 Top News Headline

Sekai Project Announces Latest Visual Novel Acquisitions at Otakon

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