February 24, 2017

6:14 PM @geekdotcom Carli Velocci

What is the Allure of an Anime Soundtrack on Vinyl?

February 21, 2017

1:14 PM @geekdotcom Brittany Vincent

Crunchyroll Hits 1 Million Paid Subscribers

February 14, 2017

11:38 PM @geekdotcom Brittany Vincent

10 Awesome Anime Couples to Warm Your Heart

January 31, 2017

7:32 PM @geekdotcom Brittany Vincent

Japan's 2020 Tokyo Olympic Ambassadors Are Lit AF

January 30, 2017

2:56 PM @geekdotcom Brittany Vincent

Berserk's Second Season Is Coming out This April

January 5, 2017

11:53 PM @geekdotcom Nick Mangione Top News Headline

Everyone's Favorite Anime Director, Hayao Miyazaki Turns 76

December 30, 2016

4:30 PM @geekdotcom Brittany Vincent Top News Headline

What I'm Looking Forward to in 2017

December 27, 2016

9:46 PM @geekdotcom Carli Velocci Top News Headline

'Yuri on Ice' is a Non-Traditional Gay Anime Romance

December 16, 2016

9:45 PM @geekdotcom Jordan Minor Top News Headline

President Obama's Brother is Tweeting About Anime

October 23, 2016

8:30 PM @geekdotcom Michelle Nguyen Top News Headline

Dragon Ball Fashion Debuts from Japanese Brand Galaxxxy

October 7, 2016

5:53 PM @geekdotcom Tim Torres Top News Headline

What To Expect from Crunchyroll's Fall Season

September 30, 2016

10:32 PM @geekdotcom Michelle Nguyen Top News Headline

Outlaw Star anime finally coming to Blu-ray, our space western hearts overfloweth

September 16, 2016

5:21 PM @geekdotcom Michelle Nguyen Top News Headline

Pokémon Generations anime debuts today for free on YouTube

September 13, 2016

10:58 PM @geekdotcom Michelle Nguyen Top News Headline

Ash visits the tropics in the new Pokémon Sun and Moon anime

August 31, 2016

10:17 PM @geekdotcom Michelle Nguyen Top News Headline

Top 9 Magical Girls of Anime and Manga

August 30, 2016

9:49 PM @geekdotcom Michelle Nguyen Top News Headline

Hatsune Miku stars in Japanese hair commercial with Scarlett Johansson

August 23, 2016

1:47 PM @geekdotcom Michelle Nguyen Top News Headline

Godzilla anime film roars on to our screens in 2017

August 3, 2016

5:01 PM @geekdotcom Michelle Nguyen Top News Headline

368 episodes later, Kakashi's face revealed in Naruto Shippuden

July 28, 2016

10:36 PM @geekdotcom Matthew Humphries Top News Headline

Level-5's next Inazuma Eleven soccer RPG uses a fitness band to level up characters

July 26, 2016

4:24 AM @geekdotcom Daniel Starkey Top News Headline

The origin of instant noodles as told by a gorgeous rap video

February 29, 2016

9:11 PM @geekdotcom Tony Polanco Top News Headline

New Shenmue 3 footage shows off gorgeous environments

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